Media Servers & Control Systems

Our servers are top-shelf PRG mBox media servers racked as pairs, wired with two Folsom ImagePRO HD scan converters, a Miranda Kaleido X16 multi-viewer, network, HDSDI distribution with dedicated preview/program outs and APC battery backup.


These are fantastic servers for television; supporting up to four HD-Inputs, 12 keyable layers with effects and HD outputs. The controllers we have offer every bit of control to do anything imaginable quickly and effortlessly. The ETC EOS console offer 10 automated faders, two touch screens to access channels, presets and pallets.



Our eclectic retreat in downtown Los Angeles offers you the ability to see our visuals mapped in real-time onto a 3D model of your stage; including camera angles and lighting. We’re able to “pre-program” your entire show all the while reviewing our work.


Studio features three dedicated Cinema4D & AfterEffects MAC workstations, 70″ LCD/LED screens with a powerful WYSIWYG PC, 200mbps Internet connection, and a full bar.


Render Farms

From NYC to Bordeaux France, render any Cinema 4D project with our high-speed render farm via any web connection.


Our new farm renders at speeds 46x faster than our latest generation MAC PRO workstations. We offer many lease options, including day/week hires and pay-per-project hires to suit your needs, 24 hours a day.





Please contact us for login information and pricing.